Hi, I'm Henry

Welcome & pleasure to connect.

My life's mission is to maximize Thriving for individuals, families, and organizations.

Big topic, I know. That's why I have a 50 Year Master Plan.

My writing explores the science, technology, business, and spirituality of Thriving. I offer my thoughts and learnings with an open palm, and if you are inspired, perhaps we can discuss over a bowl of tea.

I publish my longer writing here and I also write a shorter weekly newsletter called Thriving Thursdays. Every week I send synthesized sensemaking in physical, intellectual, emotional, and relational arenas. Plus a lot of beautiful art.

Care to join the fun?

Photo of Henry

A little about me

My Past

  • Born in the former Soviet Union
  • Won my largest trophy in grade school
    (for a silly math competition) and my most serious trophy in high school (performing improv comedy)
  • Completed 3 startup incubators (, Lean Startup, and )
  • Semi-professional Argentine Tango dancer
  • Founded and produced a feature-length interactive circus

My Present
last updated: Jan 2022

  • Relishing the redwoods near Stanford's campus while I complete the MSx program
  • Exploring the Search Fund model for businesses related to Thriving
  • Doing an independent research project with MAPS
  • Studying Cha Dao, the Way of Tea
  • Working on Year 2 of my Master Plan

My Future

  • Learning guitar and handpan drums
  • Learning to read scientific articles as a non-scientists
  • Launching a cohort-based course for pre-parents (target conception in 6-24 months)
  • Starting a family with my wonderful wife
  • Stewarding 100+ acres for the Global Institute for Thriving (GIFT)
  • Speaking 5 languages from 5 language families fluently

How can I support your Thriving?

One of the primary reasons for this site is to connect with those seeking Thriving.

I write about wacky things like note taking and dreamscaping. I also write about more serious topics like values over goals and Life over God. And I certainly have a lot to think about for Thriving.

More than anything, I'm writing for you. I seek to empower you on your journey. And in doing so, curate the awareness to support others as well.

If you have questions or comments, reach out. Where I have knowledge and capacity, I'll offer my insights. Where I do not, I'll add it to my list to research and get back to you.

It's an honor to walk this path together.

🙏🏼    Ichi-go ichi-e  🙏🏼

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