Code of Excellence

Inspired by Atul Gawande's Professional Code of Conduct from The Checklist Manifesto.


I strive for excellence.

In attitude and outcome.

I seek to be surrounded by excellent people and professionals. Best if they're both.

I bow to both kinds of excellence: invitational and exclusionary. I choose the former.

Like begets like, after all.

Plus Life's more fun when we're kind.

Group flow is other level from solo flow. A communitas melding of brilliance and capacity is stunning to experience. And rewarding.

To resonate with and amplify excellence, I offer a steady drum beat of my Code:

  • Awareness - I listen to and understand those who my attitudes and outcomes impact
  • Skill - I aim for complete knowledge and mastery
  • Trustworthiness - I act with integrity, clarity, and precision
  • Diligence - I practice, play, and perform with purpose
  • Adaptability - I ride change with grace because the only constant is change
  • Giving - I give first and wisely to uplift those around me

When, not if, I falter, I have compassion for myself. When, not if, you falter, I have compassion for you. We can hold both and still uphold high standards.

I welcome any feedback in any format from any source that genuinely wishes me well. My best lessons often come from unexpected teachers.

When I sense I can improve, I reflect then refine. Ideally quickly.

I offer honest feedback whenever asked.

That's what I want, so that’s what I offer.

I strive for excellence.

And seek all others who do too.

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