My Writings

Enigmatic Enneagram

A deep analysis and questioning of the origins and applications of the Enneagram personality test. Spoiler alert: my take is spicy.

Unexcused absence

An introspection on how AI changed my orientation to writing, Thriving, and more.

AI's Quantum Leap for the Curator Economy

With LLM and GPT models, the nature of curation is radically changing to focus on maximizing trust. The four pillars of curator trust are: transparency, verifiability, consistency, and confidence.

Fascinating tool of Generative AI

My key takeaways after a self-directed weekend bootcamp intensive focused on Generative AI.

2022 Annual Review

High-level reflections from my detailed and rigorous annual review process for 2022.

Lessons from my 35th year

The lessons I've learned from my 35th year of life

Code of Excellence

A beacon tuned to the frequency of excellence. Does it resonate with your own?