My Writings

Baby Portal - a modern ritual for a modern time

How and why my wife and I crafted a rite of passage into parenthood

Evidence-based conscious conception framework

A detailed, evidence-based framework for men (and their partners) to practice conscious conception. Framework covers 6 dimensions to consider and work on before trying for child.

My new and improved abortion position

Where I have landed on abortion and why

Personal thought experiments to define personal abortion ethics

Three difficult thought experiments to help people refine their edges around abortion situations

Abortion ethical axioms

Defining the four ethical axioms that are the building blocks of most abortion arguments

Questioning my abortion position & rationale

Explanation of why I reconsidered my abortion position and the design criteria of how I approached that exploration.

30-Day Challenge - March 2022

March 30-day challenge, a hip opening series of stretches from Yogabody, was an unequivocal success. Surprised by the progress and enjoyment and started the series again.