My Writings

Distilled Thriving Framework

A shorter, more distilled version of the Thriving framework I am working toward.

Ask Science: Synthesizing sleep science for learning, memory, and cognition at all ages

Description of a pilot project synthesizing sleep science as it relates to learning (/ memory / cognition) as it relates to children, adults, and aging.

12 Favorite Questions for 2021

Prompted by Richard Feynman's 12 favorite problems, here are my 12 favorite questions that I'll be exploring and refining throughout 2021 (and beyond).

Translating Love Languages to Love Signals

A critical assessment of Love Languages and a translation to Love Signals.

The Magic of Metaphor

How we can use the form, function, and critical importance of conceptual metaphors to yield meaning and understanding.

Write of Passage - being the observer and the participant

A detailed personal reflection on the empowering and disabling qualities of the popular cohort-based course Write of Passage.

The lenses through which I see Thriving

I focus on Thriving through the lenses of my cultural background and life experiences. These are the 5 lenses that I currently wear to make sense and meaning of my reality.