World, meet PIE Bot

While studying at Stanford GSB, I worked on a project focused on developing a data architecture for emerging legal psychedelic industry. The design intent was to create a data system that ensures safety, efficacy, access, and equity for patients and participants in legal psychedelic treatments and experiences, respectively. I called my final recommendation the Psychedelic Information Exchange (PIE).

I'm still working on my whitepaper writeup from the months of research and interviews I did. To support my work, and to have a fun practical application for my Generative AI bootcamp weekend, I created a prototype GPT overlay narrowly trained to answer based on academic articles. I downloaded 180 articles (Zotero library) that mention psilocybin, indexed them using LlamaIndex and fed them into GPT. Then I fiddled a bunch and made refinements until the output was mostly accurate and useable.

Please play with PIE Bot! My only ask is that you log your reaction to its responses to help me refine the tool over time. Obviously it's still an early stage alpha prototype and there is much I'd like to do on the backend and front end.
Ask PIE Bot anything related to psychedelics, and feel free to ask obvious & simple as well as esoteric & nuanced questions.

Blah blah (yet still necessary) disclaimers:
- Sometimes PIE Bot hallucinates, so don't believe everything it says at face value (and flag anything that sounds off!)
- I couldn't get it to reliably cite sources yet
- I set a hard cap on my API usage spend, so if it's not working, PIE Bot got a little too chatty this month
- Sometimes, PIE Bot gets cheeky and answers beyond it's narrowly defined scope of psychedelic research

Lastly, if you're interested to keep abreast of my work on PIE Bot (and PIE more globally), please subscribe below.